The BETHESDA CHRISTIAN CENTER Youth Ministry is a distinct ministry.  Bethesda is a place where every youth can feel welcome. Our youth ministry welcomes and engages youths of every ethnic background to fellowship in a Christian environment.  The ministry teach faith in Jesus Christ, which surrounds the youths with an unconditional love that promotes Christian fellowship.  We encourage and teach our young people the values of Christian living and how to have a great relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We also help equip them to extend the love of Christ to their family, friends, schools, neighborhoods and communities with the hope of reaching the world one youth at a time.


Bethesda’s Youth Ministry provides a loving community that leads and support youths on their Christian journey and inspires joyful service to God.  The Youth Ministry draws its youth into a journey of faith, prepares them for lifelong discipleship, and inspires them to carry the love of Christ to others.  The Ministry is committed to love, nurture, inspire, and equip our youths to be faithful to God as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ who can reach out to the community and beyond.

Our Youth Ministry deliberately guides young people into Christian discipleship by getting the youths involved in different programs and activities in a safe christian community, encouraging them to live spiritually rich, God-centered lives and preparing them to impact their world for Christ.